If you already give to charity in your personal life, adding a charitable partnership to your business model may seem like an unnecessary complication. But the infrastructure and reach of your business can allow your volunteer hours and donations, whether monetary or in-kind, to have far more impact than individual giving. This takes corporate social responsibility to a much higher level of commitment, with true partnerships occurring between business leaders and Wild Mountains. 

When you choose a charity to work with, you want the partnership to feel like a natural extension of your business. Its work should be something that both your existing workforce and your community of customers are excited about contributing to.

We are looking to parter with businesses and community groups who are passionate about our planet and want to invest in solutions that looks like an inspiring message, actively educating with relevant and engaging content, while conserving our natural world and resources for the betterment of all life.

Your company's charitable donations could help improve local and state schools program attendance, giving children opportunity to better comprehend the world around them and develop greater understandings of themselves and community through nature. Wild Mountains’ need is to raise funds to complete of all remaining buildings and infrastructure, and to provide salary support for full time staff in the office and on education education programs.

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