Wild Mountains seeks to reconnect the community
with nature to nurture the planet

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Volunteers from Griffith University were passionate and skilled enough to put together
a short video aiming to capture some of what Wild Mountains does with community. 
Wild Mountain seeks to reconnect the community with nature to nurture the planet.
Inspire, Educate, Conserve. 

Latest news

  • A stitch in time- saves a mattress? not quite the same ring to it!

    Our Repair Cafe is in full swing for 2020. The Repair Café movement started in Amsterdam in 2007, and there are now more than 1300 cafés worldwide. The principle behind the repair café is simple: why throw it away when it can be fixed? In our Vol Week we saw fan cages and a basket get repaired ... Read more

  • Vol week 2020 - the start to the hall ceiling.

    There are lots of little things that would be great to get done at the Wild Mountains hall. This year we tackling a biggy!  The Ceiling is a big project that needs to be done and this Vol week we started... Read more

  • Fires to Floods and other F words!

    Fantastic , who'd a thunk it? We have gone from one extreme to the other- Fires to Floods - definitely and Aussie summer.  Last year at Wild Mountains we recorded about 500ml of rain for the whole year. This month we have had about half that amount fall, about 250ml, in the first three weeks of the year! For Wild Mountains, we started to think about fires last year in August... Read more

Upcoming events

  • Volunteer Weekend March 14/15

    Wild Mountains offers the chance to engage in conservation activities, revegetation, and sustainable building practices. You will participate in field projects involving planting and weeding to ensure our rainforest is kept in pristine condition for current and future generations. Read more

  • Mountain songs

    We are told that ‘Bruce’s Shed’ is one of the best recording studios! We have the dates for the next collaborative creative event, stay tuned for all program details in the new year! Read more

  • Volunteer Weekend APR 4/5

     Annually hundreds of people young and old, from regional schools to overseas universities come to your centre and experience something that makes an indelible impression on them (see “Sowing Seeds” below). Many gain new insights into a different way of living, leaving as changed individuals and making alterations to their everyday lifestyles that will place less impact on the earth... Read more