Wild Mountains seeks to reconnect the community
with nature to nurture the planet

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Volunteers from Griffith University were passionate and skilled enough to put together
a short video aiming to capture some of what Wild Mountains does with community. 
Wild Mountain seeks to reconnect the community with nature to nurture the planet.
Inspire, Educate, Conserve. 

Latest news

  • Sew Sustainable Crew

    Last week we held our first Wild Mountains Sew Sustainable Crew Creative Monthly Morning Tea. On a Zoom call we shared the origin story of the Sew Sustainable Crew at Wild Mountains. During the call Dusty Rose (age 7) shared her stitching on her pick pony she made, Rowan (age 8) started a "Magical Orb" holding bag, Emma Scragg whipped up... Read more

  • National Volunteer Week

    Wild Mountains, like everyone, is monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation. At this uncertain time we feel that it's  more important than ever to connect and acknowledge volunteers. Wild Mountains is a volunteer organisation and we miss our volunteers not participating at Wild Mountains face to face. We are jumping on board National Volunteer Week -  however this week we will  be inviting people to volunteer in a different ways... Read more

  • Ultimately, life comes down to connecting with each other!

    he Grounded gathering is in its fifth year and it is so close just down near the Natural Bridge QLD side, Rupert, the founder, opened this space to Wild Mountains and we were excited to participate.  It was a different approach and a welcoming space with many skilled and creative people making it a great week. Rupert shares "Our small grassroots organisation is growing a resilient network of like-minded soul-tribe who are proactively making evolutionary change in their respective... Read more

Upcoming events

  • Volunteer Weekend AUG 8/9 Hanging Glider Nesting Boxes

    Wild Mountains offers the chance to engage in conservation activities, revegetation, and sustainable building practices. You will participate in field projects involving planting and weeding to ensure our rainforest is kept in pristine condition for current and future generations. Read more

  • Mountain songs OCT 2020

    We are told that ‘Bruce’s Shed’ is one of the best recording studios! We have the dates for the next collaborative creative event, stay tuned for all program details in the new year! Read more

  • Volunteer Weekend July 4/5 Making Glider Boxes

     Annually hundreds of people young and old, from regional schools to overseas universities come to your centre and experience something that makes an indelible impression on them (see “Sowing Seeds” below). Many gain new insights into a different way of living, leaving as changed individuals and making alterations to their everyday lifestyles that will place less impact on the earth... Read more