Leaving a Legacy, Geoffrey T. Smith’s Story 

Geoffrey was very special to Wild Mountains, and one of the first people to leave Wild Mountains a bequest in his Will. He had a passion for the environment in his life and contributed meaningfully to the world and people around him. In his passing, after making sure his family was provided for, he bequeathed Wild Mountains a parcel of land, the remainder of his superfund and a magnificent technical library now called "The Red Shoes" Library in honour of Geoffrey's memory and vibrancy, housed in Wild Mountains Hall.

This has helped Wild Mountains in fulfilling more of its vision. This bequest has provided funds to help Wild Mountains reach more people with inspiring messages and experiential  education, supported  community volunteers to in further understanding the systems of life on the planet and take part in conservation activities , created opportunities to finish key buildings in a sustainable manner and helped sustain Wild Mountains. We hold Geoffrey in our memories and are grateful for the gift  he left that keeps on giving, not only to Wild Mountains now, but to all the young people that are inspired here through our education programs.

Some people may prefer to set up a ‘future donation’ through their will instead of giving now. We want to make it as easy as possible for supporters to give in this way, we hope our instructions are simple and clear, but if you have ay questions or suggestions please get in touch with us online or on the blower ( +61 (0) 7 5544 1377).

A Gift to Wild Mountains Will Make a Difference

A bequest is a gift of personal property or real estate made through a Will. After providing for loved ones, many people choose to make a gift to a charity such as Wild Mountains.

Having a current Will is the only way to ensure that your financial affairs will be settled exactly as you wish. A bequest is a very worthwhile and meaningful way of showing you care for our future generations well being.


‘I give, devise and bequeath to the trustee for the time being of the Wild Mountains Trust (Philp Mountain rd., Running Creek, QLD, Australia,4287, ABN 75767213133) to be held as an addition to the property already subject to that Trust, and to be held upon the terms of that Trust

(a) The sum of $…………….. (where the willmaker wishes to give a sum of money)


(b) my.........................................  (insert accurate details of specific assets to be given) PROVIDED THAT if those assets are not owned by me at my death, then..........………… (insert substitute gift)

free of all duties, and I declare the receipt of the Trustee of other proper Officer of Wild Mountains Trust shall be sufficient discharge to my Trustees.

The reason I am making this bequest to Wild Mountains Trust is because […] (Please identify the connection with the charity).”

Where it says ‘description of gift’ you could add…

  • A proportion of your estate (e.g. ‘half of my estate’)
  • The residue of your estate after you look after family members
  • A specified sum of money, or specific items such as investments, real estate, artwork or jewellery.

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