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There are two ways of being a member at Wild Mountains.

One way to be a member of Wild Mountains is to support us financially with a monthly donation that is manageable to your lifestyle. This is tax deductible and helps sustain our supported programs and volunteers to do the good work that happens at Wild Mountains.

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…to be part of a community where people take personal action for the earth through appropriate decision making in their daily lives…

The other way is to become a Legal Member, a Wild Mountains Guardian. We keep a role of about 100 legal members who pay a voluntary membership fee of 40$ annually and participate in the Wild Mountains community, by volunteering, participating in governance, attending our annual AGM or members weekend. Our legal members are important to help facilitate our trust structure. To start this process you must be nominated by an existing Legal Member, a Wild Mountains Guardian.

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The search for an appropriate legal structure began when the property was purchased in 1986. The Wild Mountains Trust founders looked for a structure that would protect their original vision beyond their lifetimes. At the same time they wanted to make sure that anyone who shared that vision would be able to be involved with the project in a meaningful way.

The Trust’s structure meets these requirements that weren’t satisfied by incorporation as an association or as a cooperative, or several other models that were considered.

Our operating structure allows for the inclusion of supporters who can involve themselves as financial contributors and/or as volunteers who contribute their expertise, time and energy. They help achieve our goals of education and conservation through this world class centre.

The Trust was officially created in April 1998 and has to date proved workable and effective.

Put simply under our operating structure, the Trust owns the assets of the land and everything on it, while Wild Mountains Ltd looks after all of the operations.

In other words Wild Mountains Limited is the administrative body or trustee for the Trust. Wild Mountains Limited is a company limited by guarantee indicating it as a “not for profit” organisation. It has a voting legal membership with limited liability, who elect a board of directors who in turn administer the Trust. We seek consensus in decision making with a fall back to a 75% majority if issues get tough.


Wild Mountains Trust (ABN 75 767 213 133) has endorsement as an income tax exempt charitable entity under Subdivision 50-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (ITAA 1997) (Item 1.1 – charitable institution).

The Trust is also endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) under Subdivision 30-55(1) of the ITAA 1997 Item 6.1.1 – public fund on the register of environmental organisations).

Wild Mountains Limited (WM Ltd) is the Trustee named for Wild Mountains Trust on the Australian Business Register, and is registered for GST.