Terms and Conditions for the hire of Wild Mountains

Tentative Booking

Contact Wild Mountains to check if the date you require is available. To make a tentative booking, completethe ‘Wild Mountains Venue Booking Form’ . It is then a tentative booking and will be held if no other booking or program clashes. If a clash occurs we will contact the organiser via phone and email and require a confirmed booking within a week to hold those dates. If a tentative booking has not been confirmed four (4) weeks prior to the event date, we will make a follow up phone call and send a email to determine the outcome of the tentative booking. If our staff cannot contact the event organizer within a week, the tentative booking may be cancelled, and the venue made available for others.

Confirming your Booking

In order to confirm your booking, you must complete the ‘Wild Mountains Venue Booking Form’ and pay a 20% deposit. All tentative bookings must be confirmed with a booking form at least four (4) weeks prior to the event date. Be sure to fill in all details as accurately as possible, tick the box indicating that you have read, understand and accept Wild Mountains terms and conditions and email through to our office. Upon receipt of your booking form you will receive email confirmation.

Changes to your booking

Please note that all changes including catering requirements must be made no later than two (2) business days prior to the booked date. Any room or catering changes that occur after this deadline may not be possible or may incur an additional cost.

Cancellation Policy

If the booking remains unconfirmed 30 days prior to the event it may be cancelled and the venue made available for other people. Confirmed bookings that are cancelled after this period but two (2) weeks prior to the event may incur a cancellation fee of 25% of the total venue hire cost including any associated staff costs incurred by Wild Mountains (minus deposit paid). Confirmed bookings that are cancelled within two (2) weeks of the booked date may incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total venue hire cost including any associated staff costs incurred by Wild Mountains (minus deposit paid).


The use of adhesive tapes and tacks of any kind is prohibited on walls. Blue tack or buddies may be used. Avoid marking or scratching tables, chairs or walls. Any damage to Wild Mountains buildings or property can incur the cost of repair or replacement of affected items.

Green Event Policy

Wild Mountains promotes a green event policy. As such the use of polystyrene and/or non biodegradable products (such as disposable plastic plates and cups) are discouraged. Wild Mountains has a stock of crockery and cutlery that can be used free of charge. Wild Mountains utilizes aerobic grey water filtration and composting toilets as part of its unique organic waste and wastewater treatment systems. The following materials MUST not be disposed of in drains and/or toilets: feminine hygiene products, solvents, paints, motor oils, thinners, large amounts of cooking oils or fats.


It is your responsibility to maintain cleanliness of the halls, kitchen, amenities, accommodation and equipment. Please note that in cases where the venue requires extensive cleaning by our staff following the event, a by-the-hour charge can be applied.


Wild Mountains is not a licensed venue; therefore alcohol can not be sold anywhere on the premises. Alcohol can however be consumed on site responsibly.

Fire Safety

Lighting of fires is only permitted within the two designated fire pits and with the consent of Wild Mountains’ staff. No naked flames in accommodation. No candles, lanterns, smoke devices or flames of any kind are to be left unattended. Smokers are asked to smoke well away from buildings with responsible care of waste, butts are to be placed in the containers provided.


At times there are multiple users of the Wild Mountains facility, including large groups of school children. All efforts to respect others also using the Wild Mountains facility would be appreciated.

Wild Mountains Staff are happy to assist where possible to ensure that the terms are met and that your event runs as smoothly as possible.