Many people have lived at Wild Mountains over the years, to be a resident at Wild Mountains takes someone special and committed to living more lightly on the planet. Richard and Susan Zoomers, co-founders of Wild Mountains who continue to reside at Wild Mountains and have had a hand in each building on the property, have role modelled this lighter living. Through what they choose to buy, how they eat and also how they manage resources and waste. Pioneers in this style of living at Wild Mountains. They have also clearly demonstrated that living lightly on the planet is a community approach that needs to be shared and reviewed. 

In 2010 Justin and Lizz Hills took up residency at Wild Mountains, through Richard's and Susan's openness and accommodating attitude they felt at home very quickly. Having an active and shared value of living more lightly on the planet, friendships deepened and what Wild Mountains has been able to take on grown. Residents at Wild Mountains share meals, ideas and actively choose to support each other.

We are looking forward to welcoming new residents in 2020. Express your Interest here.