There are lots of little things that would be great to get done at the Wild Mountains hall. This year we tackling a biggy!  The Ceiling is a big project that needs to be done and this Vol week we started. Yay!! As funds and time permit we will continue with a fishbone style ceiling, if you can help check out our upcoming volunteer weekends and please drop us a line. Or hopefully we might be able to dance the night away with you to celebrate the progress at our 2020 annual Scrub Jamm. Thanks to everyone who made it a good week!

Alex, who came to our vol week from our Griffith intern program, shared " I definitely had lots of fun, whether that would be working with everyone and making something amazing, or sitting at the dinner table and sharing our ‘daisies’.
Going into this internship, one of my goals was to become less shy and to work better as a team. I think I definitely achieved this goal and even more. I am very thankful for choosing this internship as it has shed some light into my eyes about waste, recycling and also how to incorporate less meat into my everyday life.
I really appreciate the time and effort you put into us." 

Thanks Alex, good luck in your future studies.