Complete with dancing, rain, firey desserts and laughs as promised. My daisy of the night (apart from the fantastic music, oh and the delicious food...oh and the good conversations till late) had to be the moment we lit the Bombed Alaska  Dessert on fire and the sky's opened up with heavy drops of rain! Do you have a Daisy moment of the scrub jamm you want to share with me? Click the button below to share it :) Thanks to those who were able to come along to our Scrubb Jamm and make it a great night.

Thanks to the Foodies, Hallers and Amenebabies crew for preparing and decorating the centre for a great night. We had Hannaka and her band drumming out great music with back up from some Dundun's Luke managed to fit into the back his rides car!

Congratulations  to Mir Wieners  on receiving  Volunteer of the Year and for all her hard work that has happened this year. It has been a pleasure to have you stay and live with us on and off this year,  as you return to your home country Belgium on the 8th of December may we wish you happy travels and know we are looking forward to watching your journey continue to unfold!