Earlier in March we held a number of great school based workshops. School based workshops are a great way to introduce Wild Mountains to a school and get to know each other while exposing kids to some great ideas.

We went to Gleneagle State School for 'World Water Day" that happened the 22nd of March and is happening next year again next year on 22nd of March. Our students were engaged with ideas of how catchments work and our tale of two creeks. They had some good questions and were fascinated by the idea of acid rain, which I lightly touched on in response to questioning! While with our younger kindy kids we explored nude food, danced to the "Formidable Vegetable Sound Systems" - No such thing as waste- song before making yummy date balls. We support the staff of kindies with practical ways to introduce recycling and gardens. 

School based workshop are fun , even if a little tiring! Its great to get a feel for the enthusiasm and interest from the kids.   I see  them wanting to better understand the natural world and connect with it!