Boomerang Bags to Well being!

We had 14 community members and Griffith University interns come together to discuss the impact of Boomerang Bags. Boomerang Bags is a global, grassroots movement connecting and empowering local communities to tackle plastic pollution at its source. Its about making bags, diverting waste, starting conversations, connecting with each other, fostering sustainable behaviour, and having fun. Wild Mountains has been running a Boomerang Bags community group for several years now and had co-founder Tania Potts come and talk to us about well bing. We had some good conversations with a great range of backgrounds and ages attending. We were also gifted by Boomerang Bags a large number 500+ of "Wild Mountains- Boomerang Bags" labels and some pre cut bags to be sewn. If you have a sewing machine and some time we'd be happy to post you a few to sew, or if you have some fabric we can share the patterns and post you some labels. What ever works your end we'd love you to be involved. Click on the button below and get in touch for more info.