"I am writing to you is a girl who started off a lost traveller not knowing what to expect, but turned into a keen observer, appreciating the world around her.

Being at Wild Mountains has literally opened up a new world to me. In school I feel like i’ve always learned about how horribly humans treat the Earth, but I’ve never been taught to engage my heart or my hands, that is what you all have taught me, and how I can visibly see the difference that has created. From the open field that once was covered in lantana, to the track we have created, to the way my outlook has changed to the things around me.

This place has been so special to me. The people here are like family, and you all welcomed us with open arms. Just for that I cannot thank you enough. You encouraged me to be brave, to not fear hard work, to care for myself, others, and of course the environment. But having said that, we all shared a lot of laughs along the way as well.

Friday I leave this place, but the place will never leave me. I will keep ps many special magical memories, and I will retain the new sight i have gained from spending two weeks here.

Thank you for keeping me in the moment.

Thank you for feeding me delicious food.

Thank you for always keeping my spirits high.

Thank you for caring

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for Wild Mountains."

Kara 2017 -ISV participant