The need for environmental education

The natural world sustains our physical well being. It has been the inspiration for our music and art, our culture, our psyche. As a species humans have been remarkably successful. This success has come at a cost.

Earth's systems of life are under stress from our behaviour and number. Moreover, our global population is likely to rise from the present 6 billion to 10 billion in just 50 years! The human impact has never been greater and is increasing.

Today we need about 1.6 planets to provide the resources for our consumption and absorb our waste. By the mid 2030s we will need 2 planets. We only have one!

As our home and our life support, the Earth deserves more respect. The need for us to understand our relationship with the natural world is fundamental. It is vital and urgent.

Sun - Between 2011 and 2030 renewable energy is
expected to grow from 2 to 6 percent of global primary energy use.

Air - Breathing is so natural to humans that we take it for granted. We breathe 11,000 litres of air a day and it’s essential to our continuity as a species. Hundreds of years ago, before the industrial age, we didn’t worry about our air, but with the industrial boom, humanity’s concern about air pollution increased. Transportation such as buses, cars, trucks, ships and trains account for 90% of Cancer risks caused by Air Pollution. Every 13 seconds, someone dies from air pollution, which makes it the 4th most lethal killer.

Water - Our planet is 75% covered by water – that’s why we’re called the Blue Planet But 97.5% of that water is salt water. We only have 2.5% of freshwater to drink. Every year we use a massive 4 trillion cubic meters of freshwater. This amount is equivalent to 50 Olympic swimming pools every second. Or, it's comparable to if everyone on the planet would drink over 4 glasses of water…every single minute.

Soil - On average everyone uses 16 kilos of resources extracted from earth every day - metal, fossil energy, and minerals. If you live in the western world this number is much higher - up to 57 kilos of newly-mined minerals per day.Current overuse is due to our consumption of goods and services. The extraction, production, distribution, use, and disposal of the stuff we buy. As a consumer you have the possibility to make a positive difference.

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