What is Learning for Sustainability? “ It’s about an ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ work that will allow us to deal with an uncertain future.” (Senge, 2006)

The ‘outer work’ is about practical action that conserves resources and makes life better in some way such as Water solutions - Habitat restoration - Energy use – Recycling – Composting - Urban design - Active transport. The Earthkeepers Program has a range of components that meet and supplement Curriculum guidelines. 

The ‘inner work’ is about new connected ways of knowing & valuing... about deliberately slowing down our lives through reflection to develop a sense of body/mind wellbeing that connects us in sustainable ways to the people and places around us. Learning for Sustainability is simply about helping students & teachers understand & value themselves, others and the places around them so they can live more sustainable & connected lives.

This powerful 3 day program takes students aged between 10 and 12 through an adventure of discovery that starts at school with a mysterious package. Along with an ancient looking map there is an invitation from the keeper of the keys to discover the “secrets” to becoming an Earthkeeper™.

 And so the intense learning experience begins... a carefully crafted learning experience packed with adventure, discovery and magic that provides a springboard to further environmental education and habits back at school and at home.

Imagine deep in the forest, stands a little hut (laboratory) belonging to an old character E.M. who knows the forest intimately. E.M. is the keeper of the keys and secrets to be learned by all those who enter. E.M.’s lab is full of natural touches, antiques, old artefacts, fossils and feathers, a few old books, an old desk and rocking chair, lamp, boxes of mysterious stuff etc. When you enter you immediately go “Wow, look at this place!” and “Heh, check that out.” and “What’s that thing, isn’t it beautiful?” and... and ... and. And that’s the impression we want our students to have when they are invited in, because then it becomes real and exciting and the lessons to be learnt from E.M. will go deep.

Students learn about key concepts of life on earth such as interrelationships, cycles of air, water and soil, change over time and energy flow. They follow E.M.’s Diary on a discovery party that promotes a sense of wonder and place. An Earthwalk sharpens the senses and perceptions and encourages firsthand contact with the natural world in new and exciting ways. The “Seasons” Immersing experience focuses on changing perspective and breaking personal barriers to the natural world.

The best learning happens when students can have fun and wish to know more... and that’s the experience we provide. We enjoy making this program simply a fantastic experience for kids; one they will never forget. he Earthkeepers™ program meets many of the KLAs for this age group and is a springboard to further education back at school. Wild Mountains caters for up to 40 students as we feel that smaller groups provide a superior experience with better learning outcomes.

Earthkeepers™ is for those teachers who genuinely want a learning adventure that will captivate and motivate their students, setting them off on a quest that must be completed for some time back at home and at school. Earthkeepers™ fulfils teachers' curriculum needs by meeting many of the Essential Learnings for ages 10 through 12.