"What I do Changes the world..."

We had great fun with this community art project evaluating concepts of “What I do changes the world…” a Site Activation for regional Arts Festival Arts Ablaze in early October. It was Lizz’s first community art project  and over 3 months she held 3 community workshops and 2 primary school workshops and 1 university work shop gathering materials, concepts and sharing ideas on the childrens fire, inspired by work of Mac Macartney,

"This small fire is called the Children’s Fire,
in council it served to remind elders that :
No Law
No Decision
No Action
Nothing of any kind will be permitted
to go out from this council,
that will harm the children."

connection to place and touching on young people anxiety when faced with environmental problems in our world. And as these things do - it grew :) 

The installation ended up with a Childrens Fire, looking at How we should govern people, what it means to take up the children's fire pledge and also remembering that we are all interlinked and connected through the energy of the sun - just magic! Then the site journeyed to giving a simple definition and small sculpture of the concept Solastagia before creating a place where people could sit, talk and pledge  by writing on a card leaf what they thought they were doing or could do, acknowledging " What I do changes the world…" pledging actions around “Thinking Globally”, “Acting Locally” and “Being Personally” .

The festival ran for 4 days, there were not as many people as hoped at the festival, due to heat but some lovely conversation were had :) My only disappointment, but I am sure you will also find the irony in it as I have, is that we didn't actually light the children's fire due to extreme heat and statewide fire bans due to extreme weather conditions and recent bush fires near us. 

Thank You to Wild Mountains Volunteers

Concept development : Kodi Twiner (jazz musician), Nicole Ferrer (UK art student), Mir Wieners (from Belgium), Lauren Johnson, Rebekah Copas (film student) Richard Zoomers, Susan Zoomers, Dominic Farnworth(Earth Educator) and Constance Brown.

Installation and Logistic support : Justin Hills, Rowan Hills, Hans Baeten (from Belgium), Teegan Wallace, Sarah Keen, Sophia Akin ( from Kentucky), Here Lindekleiv (from Norway), Ryan Ronbinson (from UK), Nadia Salama, and Miki Yanamaka (from Japan).

Darlington State School, Glen Eagle State School and Griffith University
whose students participated in natural art workshops to contribute to this space. Responding to questions of “What does getting in touch with nature mean to you?” or “ What is your connection to nature?” They used a variety of materials including clays, leaves and cut out pictures.

Community art Co- ordinator - Lizz Hills