Boronia State School - shifts a school culture.

"Students are enthused by the earthkeepers course and inspired by the team leaders to become environmental leaders in our school. The earthkeepers camp has become the event of the year for the sixes, who look forward to the camp and then becoming an eco leader in year seven. Our eco captain and eco citizens wear their badges proudly and are ever ready to lend a hand, be it a simple collection of paper to be shredded or preparing gardens and helping year ones plant seedlings on under eights day. They spend many lunchtimes supervising younger students doing a variety of activities at different times of the year - kids teaching kids to care - we are hoping for an epidemic..."- Lisa Maloney, Boronia State School 2018

Nossa Pengari Stiener School - off to a rocky start but shines through in the end!

"There was a number of kids who felt a little unwell on arrival, and one or two who got a touch of home sickness but by the end of the second day were powering and starting to get into the swing of Earthkeepers.  As usual a “best thing” of the camp was the Food, even those few kids who voiced some skepticism around a vegetarian cuisine for 4 days came around very quickly to the deliciousness pouring our of the Wild Mountains kitchen from Susan and Konie.

It was great to hear some of the apprentice Earthkeepers really understanding the activities. We had a number of comments this camp on the Connection Inspection activity that showed this understanding like “...if you take one thing away it effects everything else...” and “...showed me a lot about life cycles”, many of the kids said that they felt that they had learned much about our earth which as passionate instructors/guardians is heart warming to hear. Our Connection Inspection activity focuses on the Interrelationships of all things and  that everything that is connected in the web of life effects everything else. Many apprentice Earthkeepers talk about how its not all so simple or linear and that sometimes seeing even connections can be very difficult, which is a great outcome to realize.  They did a great job of keeping the kids together and on time  it was very well planned and organized”. - Cindy the grade six class teacher, supported by parents Michael and Christine. 2013

Brisbane Montessori School - BMS finds the magic!

Thank you does not even begin to convey our gratitude to the staff at Wild Mountains and the creators of the Earthkeepers program.  To say that our upper primary students (and teachers) had fun on camp and learned something along the way would be a grand understatement!

Wild Mountains is in a league by itself and the Earthkeepers Program is unparalleled in its approach to Earth education.  The program is brilliantly structured, fun and informative and we were really impressed with the depth and quality of experiences our students had in such a short time.  Our entire experience – before, during and after camp has been a magical experience and we have returned with students who are better informed, excited and passionate about caring for the Earth.   

The staff at Wild Mountains were warm, engaging, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about Earth education.  We have been to many camps throughout southeast Queensland and this was by far our favourite for so many reasons.  It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we would recommend the Earthkeepers program at Wild Mountains.  We did not simply learn about caring for the Earth but we really lived and experienced the beauty and magic of nature and as such this program is a must for every upper primary student!

With sincere thanks, the students, Scott Cromwell and staff at Brisbane Montessori School 23/05/2014

 And from the kids........

“Well I am here in my magic spot and as I sit quietly listening to the sounds of nature and thinking about the future and what I’m really going to do and what ‘s going to happen, I think about the environment and why we really need to keep it healthy.” -  Rohan, Year 7, Beaudesert State School 

"The last two days here were just the best.  I love doing magic spots and when it’s time to leave them I don’t want to go.  As well because of this camp now I understand that the world really needs our help.  And I learnt some things that I’ve never even heard of… and the ways things work.  Well I learnt so much and had a great time."Genevieve, Yr 5 student, Samford Steiner School

"Before I came here I thought I knew all about recycling and saving the earth. But I came here and found that I hardly knew half the things about that.  I would like to thank you for showing us that. I also see that one person can make a big difference." - Sam, Year 5, Samford Steiner School