Here is one of the songs that has come from our Wild Mountains Song’s Project…straight from the shed. We are told that ‘Bruce’s Shed’ is one of the best recording studios! 

The fundraising performance Oct 5th made me smile, made me laugh, made me cry- just BRILLIANT. We had 9 of musicians come and preform what they had created at workshops held at Wild Mountains since 2015. This performance curated some of my favourite songs from the years into one magical concert with audio visuals from Emma Bosworth’s story and life in the natural world.  The monies raised will go towards upgrading our hot water system in the “ClunnDunny” amenities block. Thank you to all the special musicians, artists, camera crew, audio crew, audience and caterers that made this great event happen. We can never know what changes life’s direction, is it a great event, a series of happenings, or does it all come to a moment, a decision where an idea can grow? Emma Bosworth had an idea to come up for a song writing workshop with some mates and along the journey it has turned into one of my favourite programs- the Wild Mountains Songs Project, and this is just the beginning…


Also check out another talented musician who wrote and produced a the below song at Wild Mountains - Megan Cooper- Great voice, great lyrics.

 It really was an amazing performance with evocative music, yummy food and a lovely crew to enjoy the night with… I hope they do it again! :)