Ultimately, life comes down to connecting with each other!

The Grounded gathering is in its fifth year and it is so close just down near the Natural Bridge QLD side, Rupert, the founder, opened this space to Wild Mountains and we were excited to participate.  It was a different approach and a welcoming space with many skilled and creative people making it a great week. Rupert shares "Our small grassroots organisation is growing a resilient network of like-minded soul-tribe who are proactively making evolutionary change in their respective and interconnected communities. We believe through collaborative co-creation our well grounded efforts can transform the world; one heart and garden at a time." We supported their week long "Bush school" run by Pete Hood with earth centred actives  and also shared the journey of building a Straw Bale house at Whiptail in the Air tent. They had a zero waste mobile kitchen for the week and a great program with permaculture basics, edible weeds and fermented foods to name a few!  Thanks to everyone that made the Grounded gathering possible, we hope it continues in the future