Wild Mountains was happy to support the 2019 Sustainable House Day celebrated nationally and promoted by Renew Magazine. It was a good first Sustainable House Day last Sunday! For those of you who missed it we had a great day, blue sky's and not too hot. It started with Morning Tea at Whiptail our straw bale building, then groups headed onto Geordie's, where Richard and Susan are building, onto Mountain Hut and finally walked over to the Hall for lunch. Thanks to Emma Scragg, Wild Mountains Architect and Director, for organising this great event! Also thanks to the rest of our Sustainable House Day volunteers who led tours, organised food and helped make it a great event - Nadia Salama, Ryan Phelps, Hans Beaten, Sophia Akin, Hege Lindekleiv, Gilbert Loutitt, Richard Barakatt, Rob Pegram, Liz Cameron, John Griffin and the Wild Mountains Residents.

Hayley Witt emailed us that the day " ... was so well organised, you didn’t miss a beat, and I genuinely learnt a mountain of things from everyone who conducted the tours. To have a chat with Rob at the end of the day was really wonderful. You’re all legends in my eyes :) "

Sustainable House day will happen again next year with some of Australia’s most environmentally progressive homes on show 20 Sep 2020. As Renew magazine comments and many participants agree "This unique peer to peer education is a valuable resource for anyone looking for inspiration, ideas and the key to sustainable living." Its all our responsibility to learn how to live more lightly on the planet.