What can I say? Good on you Lisa Maloney! This was her schools 12th year coming to Wild Mountains. The council that the school is in pulled funding for the program and Lisa with her students ran fundraising events to be able to come on an Earthkeepers Program this year! They needed to raise $4000 and succeeded.  The work that has been done at Boronia State school by Lisa is tremendous, its a big gig she attempts every year. She has been able to negotiate an environment club with a club house at school, school time for kids outside, a school garden and is in the process of organising aqua culture pond set up for the school. A good egg.

We’d love to be able to support Boronia in coming next year. They will probably still need to raise some funds but we will be taking donations in our end of year appeal that will go towards sponsoring a school children on an Earthkeepers Program in 2020, when you donate let us know that you want the fund to go towards a State School Earthkeepers Program and we will keep you posted!