Annually hundreds of people young and old, from regional schools to overseas universities come to your centre and experience something that makes an indelible impression on them (see “Sowing Seeds” below). Many gain new insights into a different way of living, leaving as changed individuals and making alterations to their everyday lifestyles that will place less impact on the earth.


From Previous Volunteer 

"Volunteers weekend 23/24. What a wonderful weekend. We were picked up from the bus stop by Broad smiling Elizabeth, Justin and little Rowan. And as we drove up the hills to Wild Mountain I really did not know what to expect from the weekend, all I knew was that it was my last weekend in Australia and I was to make the most of it.  It started off a pretty damp and wet as we arrived to heavy rains that was predicated to last all weekend, but to our delight it was not long before the sun came out, and that was when the magic happened.

We walked in to the smell of stir-fry dinner being prepared in the kitchen, and were greeted with big smiles and even bigger hugs and made to feel right at home. There were 11 volunteers in total that weekend. There was the Wallace family, Andrew, Leanne, and their three kids, Teagen, Kayden, and Seth. There was also Ben, Saba, and Matt who had been there earlier helping out with the Earth Keepers program, and Finally Emma, Kathi, and I (Dee) who there for the weekend.  We spent the night sipping on hot cocoa in front of a warm fire while getting to know everyone over a game of ‘Zilch’.

The next morning we all gathered around the white board as Justin attempted to draw amusing pictures of the work that needed to be done and allocate jobs to everyone.  Wood chopping, painting the window sills, cladding the last wall, weeding, filling up holes in the A frames (tents designed in an A shape) “For two whole days!!” Saba exclaimed. And best of all, learning to handle POWER TOOLS. 

We later took a stroll to the terraces to pick avocados, and do some weeding around some trees that were planted by the International Student Volunteers, where after I took a tumble down a tick infested hill had decided to keep my feet firmly planted on solid ground, but Emma and Ben the brave twosome climbed the trees to get to the avocados and throw them down to us.

In the evening some of the volunteers attempted to make a stew that they badly burned and successfully tried to hide. That is until Ben, who had his heart set on having potato stew for dinner, persisted in asking “What happened to the potato stew? I know it’s in here somewhere!”...BUSTED!

We have experienced and learned so many valuable lessons on sustainability. Thank you Wild Mountain for a fulfilling and unforgettable experience that we will carry with us for a lifetime." - Dee Al Barwani


Quantifying the success of many of our programs can be difficult as it depends on the tick list you employ. While Wild Mountains has a program to restore the health of forests under its care, we have not planted 10 million trees, weeded 1000 hectares of forest, or protected it with a 100 kilometres of fencing, usual outcomes of measuring success and justifying funding support for the environment.  Our programs have a different focus, one generally not found within the current education system and therefore we believe most urgent. Wild Mountains is about changing hearts and minds through inspiration and knowledge, where young people begin to see their actions do make a difference, so that they can create a greener future through making small long lasting positive first steps... it’s about sowing seeds!

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