A songwriter's retreat on the edge of the world

Next retreat - March 2020

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“Nature and art have walked hand in hand for all of history because they are perfect partners, so I take any chance I can to write in the wild, where ideas come faster, better and with more freedom.  On this occasion, to have met so many wonderful new peers and strengthened my bonds with old friends feels priceless.  I look forward to making Wild Mountains Songs a ritual in my practice.”
     – Georgia Potter (MORETON), 2019 Participant

"Wild Mountains Songs" has been hosted on our mountain since 2016 and is an opportunity for songwriters to get together for a weekend of intensive co-writing and recording. Check out some of the songs here.

Over the course of 3 retreats, a total of 32 songs have been written. Many of these songs have been inspired by the land and taken a new lease of life since leaving the mountain. This has included songs making it to records by artists such as Screamfeeder and country artist Megan Cooper; and artists continuing to collaborate with one another, even joining each other on national tours.

For the first time, artists from Wild Mountains Songs will be performing their songs to a live audience; sharing the inspiration of the works and stories behind the tales.

The curator and project manager of this retreat, Emma Bosworth has been involved with Wild Mountains ever since she came along to our 'YES' education program in high school back in 1993. For more information on Wild Mountains Songs, check out Emma's website here.

Here is one of the songs that has come from our Wild Mountains Song’s Project…straight from the shed. We are told that ‘Bruce’s Shed’ is one of the best recording studios! 

Booking for this event has now closed.