"There was a number of kids who felt a little unwell on arrival, and one or two who got a touch of home sickness but by the end of the second day were powering and starting to get into the swing of Earthkeepers.  As usual a “best thing” of the camp was the Food, even those few kids who voiced some skepticism around a vegetarian cuisine for 4 days came around very quickly to the deliciousness pouring our of the Wild Mountains kitchen from Susan and Konie.

It was great to hear some of the apprentice Earthkeepers really understanding the activities. We had a number of comments this camp on the Connection Inspection activity that showed this understanding like “...if you take one thing away it effects everything else...” and “...showed me a lot about life cycles”, many of the kids said that they felt that they had learned much about our earth which as passionate instructors/guardians is heart warming to hear. Our Connection Inspection activity focuses on the Interrelationships of all things and  that everything that is connected in the web of life effects everything else. Many apprentice Earthkeepers talk about how its not all so simple or linear and that sometimes seeing even connections can be very difficult, which is a great outcome to realize.  They did a great job of keeping the kids together and on time  it was very well planned and organized”. - Cindy the grade six class teacher, supported by parents Michael and Christine. 2013