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Our community faces the situation where the whole Earth is under severe threat from issues such as climate change, overuse of finite resources and biodiversity loss. Wild Mountains Trust is addressing these threats through enlightened world-class environmental educational programs. This education will assist to change the direction that humanity takes, especially with the younger generations. 

Chris and Lynn Roberts

"Dear Joan and Richard (and Susan and others),

It was indeed a memorable weekend for us – in fact it was more than that – it was magical and uplifting and reminded us what true living and our journey on this planet are all about !! You are to be highly commended on the smooth running and truly professional touch and genuine warmth that emanated from all activities.

Last night, Lynn and I discussed the weekend and we are more confirmed than ever to assist you to build the facilities that you so urgently need so that full programmes can be operated and students can experience the life-altering and uplifting principles that you espouse with great subtlety. To this end, it is our intention to donate $XX,XXX to the building programme in July (providing our Brighton settlement takes place in early July !!). It was good to hear that Hurfords have offered to supply all tongue and groove flooring for the buildings. Frank and Laurel Dobson enjoyed it greatly and Frank has offered to give substantial help such as the use of some of his top apprentice carpenters and other materials to be arranged with him at the appropriate construction time.

We will continue to spread the word and don’t mind if you wish to quote the contents of this message to anyone else who may wish to contribute. The dedication, perseverance and integrity I have witnessed from you people over many tough but visionary years must be acknowledged and rewarded. All those in a position to help should do so to the full extent of their resources and abilities."

Love and best wishes, 

Chris and Lynn Roberts